Recruitment Services

Permanent Placements

At Infinity Recruitment most of our clients prefer permanent placements, as this option offers them excellent value, payment for this service is only due when a formal placement has been made and the candidate is successfully recruited.  We take the risk, so no placement, no placement fee. A permanent placement fee is calculated on the agreed % of the candidate’s gross annual income package (cost to company), this is only a once off payment.

Contract Placements

At Infinity Recruitment we provide our clients with the option to recruit contract candidates as this will allow our clients with the freedom to bring in additional or specialist skills as and when they are needed for the estimated period of time. Fees are calculated on a % of the candidates monthly salary for the period of the contract. Should the client decide to employ the candidate permanently thereafter then the full placement fee will be required as mentioned above.

The Process of Recruiting Quality Staff

1). Establishing a strong, referral base network

This allows for the sourcing of quality candidates for different sectors, as well as building our brand to gain prominence among industry leaders who perform on the world stage. We also widen our network by making use of reputable recruitment portals.

2). Understanding the needs of our clients

We spent a lot of time drilling down to the details of what our clients want. This involves frequent visits, follow-up calls and building a trusting relationship with them. The continuous investment in client relationships gives us a good understanding of what they are looking for.  By getting to know the company culture and personalities involved in the workplace, we also have a better idea of who will be the most suitable candidate for a position.

3). Cultivate a good relationship between employer and employee

Our post-placement support helps us to assess and manage any problems that might occur during the probation period. We also provide additional human resource services if need be.