Job: Dispatcher (ATM/ Banking Industry))

Title Dispatcher (ATM/ Banking Industry))
Categories Namibia
Salary N$13,000 CTC
Location Windhoek
Job Information
To provide customer support by carrying out first line support to clients, dispatching technicians, following up with merchants, dealing with nil transactions to ensure that the uptime targets are achieved and transactions are increased.
The responsibilities of the position include but not limited to:
 Logging onto the telephone system daily to receive calls and assist inbound agents
 Overseeing the activities of the technicians in specified areas
 Logging onto the system to check all the “critical” errors and attempting to reset the errors where possible
 Calling clients whose ATMs have errors to attempt to clear the error without having to dispatch a technician and carrying out telephonic troubleshooting in instances where there is no heartbeat or an error as first time resolution
 Dispatching technicians to sites and prioritising high priority sites
 Being in contact with technicians throughout the day in the event that there are other criticals in the area they are in to ensure that the sites are attended to within the SLA
 Compiling a dispatch e-mail to be sent to the technicians and other departments requiring details of the queries that are not resolved
 Monitoring criticals, informing the technician of new criticals and criticals that have been cleared as to not attend to sites unnecessarily
 Handling the calls from the technician, requesting the activation of keys and updating or logging tickets, specifically where technicians cannot attend on the specific day to advise that tickets cannot be closed. Escalating these sites to Security in the event of high risk sites and to cashing to uncash the ATM
 Opening tickets for security, field services and CREs for vandalised sites and sending e-mails to the various departments that are required to the vandalised machines
 Working on weekends and attending to MBL calls
 Obtaining an e-mail form the tech support department detailing projects and calls that need to be opened for technicians and ensuring that these are logged on Fi-Serve within SLA
 Ensuring that the project sites that are in the designated area are assigned to technicians and sent to them via an e-mail list
 Opening tickets for technicians when the Fi-serve Project team send project requests for EMVs and Dye Stain and ensuring that they are logged
 Obtaining requests from the Fi-serve department for new sites which require the technician to pick up safe keys from the CIT provider, fitted with dye stain and advising the technicians that the site needs to be switched on, advising cashing to load the machine and following up on the loading of the ATM
 Ensuring that technicians attend to the site by the due date
 Assisting Merchants telephonically to clear errors by providing guidance and carrying out trouble shooting
 Dispatching technicians to merchant sites if merchants are unable to reset the errors
 Ensuring that Merchants load the ATMs on their sites and if they fail to do so, escalating to the CREs and following up to ensure that it has been addressed
 Sending a request to the Fi-Serve department to open a nil transaction ticket on the site so that the regional uptime is not affected
 Monitoring Nil Transactions by checking and updating logs throughout the day
 Understanding why there are no transactions on an ATM, if the site is down for a day
 Contacting the store where the ATM is installed and trying to trouble shoot any errors on the ATM and following up to see if there are any queries later
 Opening a ticket and dispatching technicians to the site to resolve the problems, if the contact person at the store is unable to identify the problems
 Checking for any system updates on Thursdays or Fridays
In order to be considered for the position, the following requirements must be met:
 Matric
 MS Office (including MS Excel and Outlook)
 Customer Support Qualification would be an advantage as well as Fi-Serv and Geotab knowledge
 1-2 years call centre and dispatching experience
 Planning & Organising
 Communication & Impact
 Customer Focus
 Problem-solving
 Initiating Action
 Team work
 Passion & Attitude
 Detail Orientation
 Computer Literacy
 Adaptability
 Coping with stress / change
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